ST7735 Driver for Propeller

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Hey guys, I recently switched from the PIC32 to Propellor (couldn't handle Microchip depreciating plib in favor of "harmony", and my USB stack I spent months on a few years ago to get the PIC32MX230F064B to be a device and host, dosen't run on the same member of the family the PIC32MX270F256D now, all my work down the drain!!!, I still love them for PIC16, 18 and 24, just they must clean up their software for PIC32).

Anyway, The Propellor is Amazing! I'm addicted to the clean coding and "drag and drop" of objects! I'm new to Spin and still trying to wrap my head around it, I looked on OBEX and the forums for a driver for the ST7735 LCD but couldn't find any, anyone have any they're willing to share!?

I know people say "write your own" etc, but I'm burned out from the PIC32 verse and writing and rewriting, I just want

If no one has code, I could write a driver in C, then I would lose all the objects I've grown fond of in Spin..

If no one has a driver, could you tell me how do you call C code from Spin or Spin code from C, then I could write the driver in C and call it from Spin, which would be awesome, or still have the Speech synthesis and stuff in Spin but call it from C...thanks!!


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