Virtual 2x16 Character LCD

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Here's something that may not be very useful, but I did anyway in support of another project...

But, if you want to develop Prop code for a 2x16 LCD but don't have one for some reason?

Anyway, I modified the attached LCD driver to also send the data out on serial port.
The Windows Program (I'll try to attach) takes the data and shows virtual LCD.
It's not 100%, but does do everything this demo does.

Program just squeezed under the 2M upload limit ! :)
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  • I just downloaded the files and it appears to be working fine. I do get character smearing during the text scrolling update though, so you do see two of the same characters briefly as the scrolling text is updated.
    Even so, pretty cool to be able to simulate an LCD on the PC over a serial connection. Thanks for the code.
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    Thanks for testing!
    I could add display buffering to the code to make it look better when updating.
    Right now, there's a lot of screen flicker...
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