Initially I was not having a problem, but now when I open a program I wrote the name of the program has a 0: prior to it and it won't compile.

0:ASAP.BS2 how it appears.

I tried to copy and paste on to another screen but every time I enter the stamp mode of BS2px the name would get a 0: prior.


Any suggestions???


  • Hal AlbachHal Albach Posts: 747
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    If you are talking about the name of the file above the editor box that is normal for BS2px files. Not sure why it would show up under a BS2 file unless possibly you are defining a BS2px at the beginning.
    Can you post the program you are having problems with? Are there any error messages?
    Your 0:ASAP.BS2 is for a BS2, programs for BS2px end with .bpx
  • I just went into the editor and opened a BS2 program, the 0: does not appear with the program name. I then clicked on the BS2px directive and after clearing the info text box 0: appeared in the program name. As to why your program won't compile, I'm not sure. Does it pass the syntax check?
  • ASKMEASKME Posts: 172
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    Thank you hal that may solve my problem and it makes some sense the program was priorly a BS2 to program and then I upgraded my chip to a BS2px and changed the mode, but didn't think about changing the file name. Honestly I didn't know I needed to do that, so I will check on this today and see if that solves my problem. Thank you once again for your help on this matter.
  • 72sonett72sonett Posts: 82
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    The 0: in the tab means the program is loaded in slot 0 (zero) of 8 available program slots 0..7, it is not part of the program's file name.
    See BASIC Stamp Help on the RUN and POLLRUN commands.
  • 72sonett,
    Thanks.... This was driving me nuts....
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