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Tachyon objects/drivers for sesors and other hardware

I remember about 3-4 yrs ago when I was playing with Tachyon ? V3 there were some objects/drivers in the Tachyon Dropbox. I was trying find them so I can
learn to play with some sensors/stepper motors/LCD/digital pressure sensors etc.and get the hang of it.
I would like some help to find them.

Thank you,



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  • there are a lot of basic sensors already in EXTEND.fth
    like PING, DHT, ...
    there is also a 1-wire module
    and there is stuff on DropBox as well
    just follow Peters signature
  • There are a lot of drivers built into the standard Tachyon, no need to find them.
    EXTEND includes DHT22, PING, LCD, KEYPAD, VGA, I2C, EEPROM, RTC, PWM, CTR modes etc
    These modules are quite extensive in their implementation too.

    There are ROMs which are binary images that can be loaded from upper EEPROM into a cog such as UARTs, F32, VGA.
    RS485 or single I/O networking up to 2Mb is built-in which allows even full-duplex console operation with remote units.

    Have a look in "more" and more/extras where you will find plenty of stuff in there including stepper motors and all kinds of displays etc although some of this stuff is a little dated and could be done a lot simpler with the newer V4/V5.

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  • @MJB
    Thank you.

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