time-out code for waitpeq

Is there a way to time out and restart some code from the beginning after a certain period of time, like 15 seconds if a waitpeq is not is not progressed past?
    if INA[7]==1
         lcd.str(string("deposit 2",17,13))
         waitcnt(clkfreq/100+cnt)                             'initial call for audio triggered by pir, ina[7]  
           waitpeq(%100000000000000000000, |< 20, 0) 'Wait for Pin 20 to go high
           waitpeq(%000000000000000000000, |< 20, 0) 'Then wait for Pin 20 to go low


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    There is no time-out available for waitXXX instructions -- but you could do something like this:
    pub wait4pin(pin, state, toms) | t
    '' Wait for pin to match state for no longer that toms milliseconds
    '' -- returns true if pin matches state before timeout
    '' -- pin is 0..27
    '' -- state is 0..1
    '' -- toms is milliseconds (positive)
      t := cnt
      repeat toms
        if (ina[pin] == state)
          return true
        waitcnt(t += clkfreq/1000)
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  • Thanks Jon, got it working.
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