Lightware Products

There is now a stunning array of TOF products from Lightware available from Parallax... The documentation and code base is
substantial, but when I am conjuring up my potential uses for these products,
the stuff that drives my thinking seems just beyond my reach.

I am interested in using TOF devices on a mobile platform... I want to use it with Parallax's new 360 degree servos with a custom rig.

Why?... as a sanity check of an algorithm and possibly to inform a stereo algorithm based initially on stereo-PropCams.
Speed is not critical but more is always better. Accuracy trumps all.

What I would like to know:

1. About the serial or i2c interfaces. Are they completely documented for every
device? I don't want to go through Lightware's serial terminal at all. I want everything available on the P2 side.

2. For the points per second(pps)specs... are any of those numbers for the various products
limited by the serial baud rates?

The P2 is routinely getting 3Mbaud and it can probably go much higher... does this impact any of the
stated pps specs? One video showed the Lightware Terminal baud selection and it seemed to top out at around

3. Are there any devices that have a trigger in?


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