Quick Nightlight

Our visiting grandson asked for a nightlight because they forgot theirs. In about ten minutes I made one.

This is perhaps the shortest program I have ever written that actually does something.
' {$STAMP BS2}
' {PBASIC 2.5}
Variable  VAR  Byte
   PWM 1, Variable, 100
   If (In14 = 0) THEN Variable = Variable + 10
640 x 480 - 71K
Re-inventing the wheel is not a waste of time if, when you are done, you understand why it is round.
Cool, CA, USA 95614


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  • Nice job TomCrawford.

    I did one for my grandson using RGB's and he was impressed, you know your good when you can impress a 6 year old.

  • Cool Tom
    __Walt McDonald__

    The Truth is out there
    It's not rocket-surgery
    I see why we don't have any water,All of the pipes are full of wires!
    Now with WiFi
    Not in the Spin Bunch
    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

    ABB M202 certified
    ABB M211 certified
  • My brother (8yrs) panicked when I hooked up Wifif to my Stamp and started flashing LEDs with my computer!
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