How to control Ultrasound wave in to sine wave?

Hello everybody,

i want to control and convert in to ,ultrasound wave to sine wave in 5 to 10 km range. path of wave should be linear.?


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  • I'm not sure anyone can decipher that ?
    Perhaps instead say what you are trying to do with this "ultrasound wave to sine wave"

    Ultrasound has wavelengths measured in millimeters ?
    If you are hoping to measure 5-10km using ultrasound pings, that's a very long way, and infers very high drive power & very fancy extraction on receive....

    Google finds mention of 21 meters as an upper limit on Ultrasonic ranging/distance measurement.
  • The nature of the ultrasonic wave is mechanical oscillation, with the transducer working to convert the mechanical wave into an electric wave. This electronic signal is therefore a sine wave with a rising amplitude. ... At the same time, the receiver is notified that the ultrasound wave has arrived.
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