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OK so I have to brag on my favorite vendor's customer service. We have a job going and my guy in Alabama ordered qty 10 Item# 40000 Propeller Quickstarts which we use with daughterboards of my own manufacture to make a little industrial IOT device. Sent to me to program. I get the package and, well, nobody is perfekt. The invoice is correct, but the box actually contains qty 10 Item# 40003 QuickStart Human Interface Board. Not what was ordered.

Very brief phone call. Keep the HIB's I was told, and the right parts will be there tomorrow. Right parts were here this morning next-day shipping, even though the original order was 2nd day. No fuss, no RMA, no challenges. And hey, now I got ten HIB's which turn QuickStarts into DemoBoards, how cool is that? I'm tempted to try getting PropCMD up on one of them.

I love doing business with this company. Parallax is the best.


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  • I agree.

    Suffice to say during my last order, they resolved an interesting problem with shipping. And included a second RGB LED and driver chip.

    Here's hoping your project whatever it is works out.
  • Ken & company are eager to please and know how to treat loyal customers. Many of us forumistas are old guys who were young when when we first joined!
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  • Parallax is a pretty awesome company but then again I'm might be biased.
  • AMEN! (That is a professional opinion!)


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  • Thank you to all of you. I'll be sure our team sees this thread to reinforce what you think we do correctly.

    Ken Gracey
  • Whit wrote: »
    AMEN! (That is a professional opinion!)

    love it. Professional AMEN. right.


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  • I've never had an issue with Parallax, but when I've contacted them with any question the response has been prompt, pleasant and bordering on amazing!

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