2004 Parallax Catalog

Found this while looking for something else.



Downloaded Javelin Editor and that is a SERIOUS editor. Heavy emphasis on Debugging like SX Editor.


Where's the SX Blitz? Did it come out after 2004? That's a short time for them to totally disappear. Say if it came out in 2008 or 2010.


Guess there is some connection to today's Propeller 2 FPGA files.



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  • Well, you're just unravelling a history of technology from Parallax and others. We've been in business for 30 years and there's been a lot of progress over that period of time. If you go way back you might even stumble across the ISEPIC.

    Where's the SX Blitz? End of life, retired, ran its course already. It was a program-only tool for the SX, usually used in low-quantity production environments and for people who didn't care about lack of debugging capabilities.

    Ken Gracey

  • Ken

    'Microprocessor Archaeology' is big fun!

    ISEPIC? Sounds like it might have something to do with MELabs Epic programmer.

    I'll find out what it was.

    Good take on the SX Blitz. Have a lead on one though. We'll see how it pans out.

    That Javelin Editor IS impressive!

    Well.Let me get my pith helmet and keep digging here. Like the archaeologist's in the Mummy movies. :smile:

  • I received a promotional SX-Blitz in 1998 or 1999 directly from Jeff Martin .... I still have it along with the 3.5 inch disk

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  • Beau

    About all I got done in the 90's was read Qbasic for dummies and the Que book on Qbasic.

    It was hard to do hobbies in that occupation.

    That places the SX blitz pretty good. Out in '98 and all gone in 2004.

    That probably explains why they are hard to find now.

    PM me if you can come up with a price on the one you have.

    That whole catalog is full of interesting stuff.

    The NXP boards and Demo boards are pretty cool.

  • Interesting. I didn't know that Parallax had FPGA boards prior to the Prop123 ones. Was there educational material from Parallax to go with those FPGA boards?
  • I received a promotional SX-Blitz in 1998 or 1999 directly from Jeff Martin .... I still have it along with the 3.5 inch disk

    microcontrolleruser wants it, Beau :)

  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,157
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    I'm surprised our SX Development System software still runs on Windows. Pretty soon it's not going to work anymore. When that time comes we won't be able to remedy the situation. This software represents some work from Chip, then Günther Daubach (a super EE from Germany who we worked with for many years but passed recently), and Peter Montgomery. The software had layers of revisions and libraries from others.

    Sometimes it looked like we were just patching the ship with duct tape and zip ties.

    If it doesn't "work" anymore you're on your own, microcontrolleruser! It was twenty (20) years ago we started the SX project with then-named Scenix Semiconductor. Chip met the Scenix founder Steve Leung while searching on-line with Webcrawler for super high-speed flash EEPROMs. Steve was a motivated and very capable Hong Kong / American tech startup leader. He has since passed away but left a number of productive companies behind.

    The SX came out of the gate really hot as the fastest 8-bit micro on planet earth, almost a bit too hot because it attracted the attention of Microchip.

    And then the lawyers got involved. And things got messy. And. . .you'll need to buy the book, but I assure you it's an interesting story!

    Ken Gracey

  • Ken

    My end game is to get an SX-Key from Iconstructix for $59.95.

    Another source I'm waiting to hear from has Key's and maybe Blitz's.

    Point is don't worry about it too much.We'll get one some how! :smile:

    You are right about the quality of the IDE.

    The Javelin Editor looks very good too.

    Installing Windows 2000 on second hard drive to run Tech Tools PIC assembler compiler.

    Can install third drive for Windows 7 Pro if we ever upgrade to run Windows 10.

    Thanks for the interest! :smile:

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    The NXP1000 and the BS2P24 and P40 Demo boards are just gnarly!

    Read the blurb for BS2P24 and BS2P40 Professional Demo Boards.

    'For the engineer'. Plus their named 'Professional.

    Not much talk here lately about 'Hobbyist' or 'Professional'.

    Seems geared to education primarily.


    Guess one of the big differences between then and now is the emphasis on Basic Stamps and Basic language.

    Parallax still seems to have all the Stamp modules. They are just not selling out.

    More than half of them are Scenix based so if they did sell out there is no replacing them.

    Except maybe they could be replaced with PIC's.

    Guess it's Propeller for Parallax now but there is a whole lot that you can do with Stamps.

  • @microcontrolleruser,

    Have field day - I apologize in advance for the hours you will spend looking! Have fun.


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  • Whit

    I have been sensing Publison and I have something in common. :smile:

    That is a cool link.

    Plenty of past Parallax catalogs.

    I will attempt to use some self discipline. :smile:

  • Anyone have manuals for the SX-Blitz or The KeyRing they could share? Yeah the SX is so yesterday, but I like learning things. :-)
    One of my ongoing projects is programming a Z80 in assembly language.


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    Go to parallax website and search 'SX Blitz'. Manual should come up. It's there.

    Yes. We've got a brand new Z80 eval kit too.


    Here's the link to manual.


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