Display drivers query for prop-1 from struggling newbie


I'm a newbie to the propeller and spin coding (which is frustrating as it seems to be an absolutely brilliant idea I should have been playing with years ago). I've got a C3 propeller board and have the led flash working and some of the demos, but am struggling to find a suitable vga or PAL display driver. There seems to be a ton of material on ntsc tv/audio for games as well as vga demos, but I was hoping to find either
1. simple vga demo (using only one cog) with at least 2 font sizes and bitmap methods. 6 or 8 bit colour more than enough. The c3 unit test code works but Im not sure how to adjust the font size.

or alternatively
2. version of the ntsc driver for PAL
What Im trying to achieve is a basic user interface using standard monitor with text and graphics. I wanted to get some basic text/images up on a display afterwhich I wanted to try sound and keyboard interface.
Q1 - can anyone point me to an ntsc game port for vga?
Q2 - can anyone point me to a c3 unit test with scalable fonts for vga?
Thanks in advance for any help comments or advice at all.


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