Propeller Controlled Oscillator for ne602



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    That circuit won't give you any kind of swing on the output.

    If you want a 0-9V swing on the output, connect the emitter to ground and use a series resistor to the base. Add another series resistor between Vdd and the node connecting the output and the collector.


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  • Does any one remember the Knight Kit TR-108 2 meter 5 watts or the 6 meter TR-106, Star Roamer etc.
  • Car problems prevented a trip to You Do it, so I focused on the user interface instead. I had an unused Propeller Proto board, a 4 x 20 LCD, and rotary encoder. So I focused on wiring the LCD to the proto board and got it working without incident. Next I will work on the transistor duty mode portion which won't require any parts I don't have.

    The HC4060 IC's came in the mail, but I haven't tried doing anything with them yet.
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