Digikey 2x16 is 40$. Why?

T ChapT Chap Posts: 3,680
For many years the digi 2x16 LCD price was the same 29.95 as the parallax price. This past year they went to 40$. When I order I always have to request special pricing and it is a hassle and they have to call a supervisor to get the 29.95 price. At the same time last year they raised the prop to around 25$. I complained and they put it back but normal but they never put the LCD back. Why is this going on? I order these monthly so I either want to order from parallax or see if you guys can fix it at digi(preferred).


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  • What if Parallax put it on their Amazon store?
  • Yep, try Amazon. Ken has noted this is becoming a preferred online sales channel. If you're talking about the 16x2 serial LCD, you can get from Amazon for about $22, free shipping, fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon has a number of Propeller products.
  • Quite simple Digikey wanrts to make a buck. I have the same go around when I buy from digikey all the time. Whether it's analog devices, red lion etc.. So I look on mouser, allied get all the prices and have digikey give me a lower price. Seems like I end up spending at least $1,000 every digikey order every week.
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