Basic Stamp to Wireless Connection Help...

I want to build a outdoor thermometer with a wireless connection to and indoor display. I've never had anything to do with wireless
so I'd just like to get a consensus as to what type of wireless device to use. Also, is there a site where I can get more info about BS2
and SIMPLE wireless communications? Building the thermometer portion, and the large LED display as well as programing the BS2 for
those portions is not a problem. I've just never used wireless with my BS2 and have no idea where to start.



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  • Xbee is what you are looking for.

    Open up the Parallax website and call support.

    They will point out what parts you need.

    Sender Receiver sensor display and what not.

    Then when you hook it up and load software and it doesn't work.

    You come back here.

    Tada! More support!

  • Thank you both for your input and the wealth of info. I see on the site that Parallax has a lot of XBee
    stuff, so I will call and get the help that I need to order the right parts. Being a 65 year old Scotch, Irish,
    German retiree, I'll do a LOT of cursing and hair pulling before I admit I can't get a software program to run.
    The reason I'm doing this is because all the indoor outdoor thermometers I can find are some type of LCD
    displays. You have to get up close and have good light to see them. Mine is going to be 2 sets of three
    inch tall 5 x 7 dot matrix displays that I can see across the room any time of day or night.

    Thanks again,
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