S3 with Sony IR Remote

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Ken Gracey let me (and the world) know that these were up today!

S3 robot users - something really big, low-cost and well-documented was released for you today! A bunch of infrared remote control projects with your robot http://learn.parallax.com/…/scribbler-…/ir-remote-control-s3.


Love Courtney's graphics!

Now that this info is published - Check out this monster piece of BlocklyProp Code - It is not written nearly as elegantly (simply) as it could be - but instead tries to make obvious how the code functions - works by pressing a button and releasing (stops on a button press) and ramps speeds up and down - Let me know how it works on your S3!


One more fun piece of code for use with the Sony Remote - The S3 Digital Jukebox with Sony Remote - press number to play the tune.

1. Slane - "Be Thou My Vision"
2. The Eight Tune - "O gracious Light"
3. Dona nobis pacem -"Dona nobis pacem,"
4. Seek Ye First - "Seek ye first..."

Sort of silly, but demonstrates an idea! Make it your own! I look forward to playing your tunes. If you can do this, what else might you do via remote control with your S3?

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