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Okay. I'll play ball here.

Have Propellor IDE and Simple IDE on the desktop.

Isn't there a third one? Maybe I am thinking of USB oscilloscope is the one with three applications.

I believe Propellor IDE is Spin and Simple IDE is Assembler and C. Is that right?



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    PropellerIDE also includes Assembler as part of the Spin compiler. There is a PropBasic (simple Basic) to assembler translator that can be used as a front-end with PropellerIDE. BlockyProp is a graphical programming language for the Propeller that compiles into C/C++ and acts as a front-end with SimpleIDE.

  • Mike

    Where do we find this Propbasic?

    I found it! Compiler #3. Propellor Tool.

    Looks like it is optimized for PE kit.That's a good thing. We have one of those.

    Sent it to desktop. Spinner hat icon is yellow. Blue for Propellor IDE.

  • Propeller Tool does Spin, not PropBasic. Prop Tool is the original Spin IDE and compiler, while PropellerIDE is a newer, open source IDE that uses the open source OpenSpin compiler.

    I've never used the PropBasic compiler, but I don't think it comes with an IDE. BST is another Spin IDE/compiler; it is cross platform but closed source and long unmaintained.

    BST and PropellerIDE can both do PropBasic as well as Spin if you manually install the PropBasic compiler.
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    Bst and homespun were written as PropTool compatible by old forum members. Both include compile time options (ifdef etc) although there is a subtle difference in the way that part works. AFAIK no bugs have been reported on either version. Bst is cross platform for Windows, Linux and Mac although I am unsure if they work on the latest Mac. Both have list output options which AFAIK is not available on the others (PropTool, PropellerIDE or SimpleIDE). Bst has the option to removed unused routines from the output code. Homespun is used in the Catalina C compiler, written by an old forum member before GCC. I can attest it works well for large C programs utilising an 512KB external SRAM for C code.

    Even though neither are supported any longer, both are very usable, especially if you require the extras that are not available in the others.

    FWIW, their are other language compilers for the Propeller, including Tachyon (a forth compiler), Forth 5.5, a few Basic compilers, IIRC a C# compiler, etc.
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    The Propeller Tool was the first IDE designed for the Propeller and it fully supports Spin and PASM.
    Most of what's on OBEX should compile and there is one demo I know of that is an EEPROM file.
    The Propeller Tool can save and load an EEPROM file but I don't remember how.
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    Are there lessons for the Professional Devlopment board?

    If no then on to the PE Kit text.

    EDIT Let me look at Quickstart board lessons.

    Gee.They are probably in Learn Quickstarts huh? Maybe not.

  • microcontrolleruser,

    Do you mean the Professional Development Board that supported the BASIC Stamp and SX microcontroller, or are you talking about the Propeller Professional Development Board?

    The Professional Development Board was part of the StampWorks kit which includes a book for the BS2.

  • Propellor Professional board.

    Are there lessons that go with it?

    Have to look at PE Kit Fundamentals text and book.

    Learn Quickstart looked a little involved. 23 lessons.

    I will look at sample programs in Propellor Tool compiler.

    Looking for some simple programs to use with Propellor Project board also.


  • microcontrolleruser,

    The Project board is intended for tested projects not experimentation since parts must be soldered to it.
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    We'll find something to run on it.

    EDIT Terminal programs or branching programs.

    Break it in!:)

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