Boe-Bot not recognized by Chromebook?

I have several boe-bots and none of them will connect to my Chromebooks. I know the USB ports work because USB sticks work on them. What else is there to do? I have already un-installed and re-installed the software.


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    Welcome to the forums!
    What version ChromeOS are you using?

    Here is something I found:
    Kurtis is correct; we've been chasing this issue for a while now and the fix was just applied last week and released as Chrome OS v54.0.2840.101 (or later). This problem affected many USB-based devices and the Chrome Apps that use them.
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  • 60.0.3112.114 Does not work

    59.0.3071.91 Works
  • I put in an email to Tech Support.

    I do not have the hardware here to test.
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  • Hi everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are aware of this issue and we are in the process of fixing it.

    When Google released version 60. it did away with the timing delays used to program the Basic Stamp, thus breaking it. We currently have a team assigned to it and are working hard to fix it. What made it worse is that chrome version 61. was released about 2 weeks after 60. and broke something else. We are working on it and as of right now estimated completion time is some time at the end of next week.

    In the mean time if your Chromebook using version 60. you can go back one version of chrome and this should get it working. Then make sure to set your Chromebook up so that it does not update. (at least until we get this fixed)

    Link to instructions for go back one version of chrome.

    Please let me know if you have any question. You can also reach me at (916) 624-8333

    Best Regards,
    Miguel Rodriguez
    Parallax Tech Support
  • Thanks for the prompt reply!
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  • Miguel, What the progress on this? I have a class set of boebots with chromebooks that I am about to start using and they still won't connect. Thanks! Jessica Hunter
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    jmh442 wrote: »
    Miguel, What the progress on this? I have a class set of boebots with chromebooks that I am about to start using and they still won't connect. Thanks! Jessica Hunter

    Okay, I'll provide a paraphrase from our internal e-mail discussion on the progress around this very important effort. It goes like this from our Sr. Engineer:

    Another status update: I'll be testing the new Parallax IDE on OSX and Chromebooks today. I experienced an every-other-download failure on Windows last week and stopped there. Luis (Iced Dev) just reported to me that since then he's tested on OSX and Chromebook and it downloaded every time for him reliably.

    If all is well with my testing today, I intend to bump the version and package and release this to the Chrome Web Store today, and then we'll continue trying to find and fix the problems occurring on Windows for an additional release later.

    Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!

    Now, this was at 10:41 am this morning so I know we're getting close on this problem. We've had to go outside for some engineering help on this particular project. Rest assured that this is a top priority for Parallax and that we'll let everybody know the minute we've got a release candidate.

    And I'll have Jeff make a quick stop to view this thread to see if there are any updates.

    Ken Gracey
  • Thank you Ken for your swift response! I appreciate it. I will be watching. Thanks!
  • Okay, another update from Jeff shows that we've got a release candidate ready for you (9:12 pm Pacific):
    After testing against Chrome v60 and v61 on Chromebook and macOS Sierra and Windows, I've confirmed that we have a new version of Parallax IDE that solves the downloading problem on Chromebooks and MacOS.

    I've published the new version to the Chrome Web Store and people can get it immediately. It will automatically update on their machine given enough time, but they can get it faster by:
    Opening up the Chrome browser
    Navigating to chrome://extensions
    Clicking the "Update extensions now" button
    Waiting a few seconds to a few minutes
    Scroll down to find Parallax IDE, or launch it- it should report v0.13.0 was just installed.

    Please let educators know. I'll contact NICERC now.

    Luis will continue on the other issues and we'll figure out why my dev system won't build a version that performs as well as this one. We'll likely have another release later this week or next.

    Let us know how it works for you.

    Ken Gracey
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