XBee PRO 900HP 200K transparent mode not reliable?

I'm using a pair of XBee PRO 900HP 200K device with the XBee USB adapter.

I'm seeing a reliability problem with transparent mode and trying to communicate from one Xbee to another XBee at 9600.

It seems like more than 50% of the time I cannot get the this mode to work. Sometimes, the XBee's don't see each other at all. Sometimes, the communication is bursty, some characters are transmitted and some are not. All of this is observed in the Console of the latest XCTU tool. I've upgraded the fw on both XBee's. The unreliablity is still there. Is it possible that powering all of this via my laptop's USB is the issue? Has any one else faced something similar and found a solution.



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  • Your guess seems right, I had the same problem, working nice on usb with standard Xbees, trouble with the long range ones.

    Reading works well with the USB-adapter, but problems with writing. Run from my propeller project, all trouble went away.


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  • Hello msrobots!

    I have a new theory. The good news is I think I have found the solution.

    I have been able to use my pair of XBee PROHP 200K device in transparent mode at 115k for over 12 hours now.

    I think the problem is XCTU. Previously, to change the baud rate, I was only modifying the BD field. The problem went away when I did a full write of all fields(Clicked on the Write Icon at the top of the XCTU gui). My guess its that flash issue where flash sometimes has a problem if you try to write a small area. Flash can sometimes only program correctly only if you flash the entire image.

    Anyway, I appreciate your input!
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