Well...looking for a BS1 program to....

use with a 93C66 EEPROM. For decades now, I have been using the family of BS2's for various imbedded projects. I have a simple program that I want to use with the BS1, as this program only requires 4 I/O's, and I hate to waste a BS2 on that. However, I do not have enough room for the program, after I load the Variables, and Constants (SYMBOLS). I know there is a program in the Basic Stamp Manual to do this, but it is rather confusing to follow.

The question is: Does anyone have a program to use the above EEPROM, to load my data in (WRITE), and then READ out what data I need to run the program that is in the BS1's EEPROM. Or, am I just wasting my time, and go ahead and use one of the BS2's to do the job.

Thanks again..DenO


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  • The BS1 has very limited program storage. I suspect that, once you have the code in the BS1 to read and write data, you won't have enough room to process it. Use a BS2.
  • Well, Mike, It seems that you are correct. However, I will keep playing around with it. If I can put all my DATA (aka SYMBOLS), in a sepreate EEPROM, I feel that I will have enough room for the code to run. I know I have enough room for my VARIABLES (aka SYMBOLS) in W0 to W7

    Thanks again..DenO
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    Look at Application Note #13 here for a program to read/write
    a slightly different EEPROM using a BS1. It's a big program for a BS1.
  • It's not always possible, but I have squeezed a lot of BS2 programs into a BS1. Can you post your program?
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