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New Parallax 360 Feedback Servo



  • erco wrote:
    Melted delrin releases formaldehyde fumes, a real gas to breathe and/or get in your eyes. JK, nasty stuff. But a fabulous material. Self-lubricating and taps very nicely.
    In low doses it really smells good. But if I forget to turn on my laser cutter's vent fan -- oh, yeah -- not so much!

  • W9GFOW9GFO Posts: 4,010
    Once after a long session of cutting 3/8" delrin I opened up the machine to take a close look at the parts and accidentally breathed some fumes in. I would rather take a deep breath of smelling salts. The instantaneous pain in my sinuses was startling.
  • This discussion has been a bit quiet but I hope you can help me.

    Has anyone got a 360 feedback working with a Raspberry-Pi 3? I'm building an automated Rubik's cube solver.

    In my Python code I have an event handler every time a pin connected to the Hall-effect output fires, if the pin is high it sets a public timestamp, if it is low it uses the time difference to calculate the duty cycle from the 1.1ms period.

    I seem to be getting very erratic duty cycles, sometimes as high as 700% which indicates events are not being fired...I'm wondering if it's switch bounce or variation in rotational speed.

    Just curious if anyone has one working.
  • I have both of those items but never put them together. Don't know how I would put them together.

    The Servo outputs a PWM pulse ever millisecond that needs to be measured to determine position. Don't know how to do that on a Pi.

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,255
    edited 2020-04-30 23:04
    Haven't used these with a Pi, but they are very simple & reliable to read using the Pulsin command on a BASIC Stamp. On a Picaxe, I can also use Pulsin with great results. Additionally, I filtered the PWM output with a 1 uF capacitor and read that with a Picaxe ADC pin. Worked like a champ.

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