Clever Wooden Machine Lines Up Dominoes

I thought this was interesting. I immediately thought that if it was controlled by a micro then you could make it build rows in complex patterns

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  • My younger daughter had to lay out many dominos with varying spacing for her science project last year, so she liked this machine.
  • That is a nice machine.

    Just what Mat Parker needed to build his domino computers:

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    Matthias Wandel is a genius, I love his channel.

    I made a domino layer for my employer many moons back. It held LOTS of dominoes. They have to go slow, obviously if one falls they all fall. Lots of fun tho.
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  • That's funny. I was thinking about posting this video here, and considering telling this guy about Blockly.
  • But,,,,,, where is the reset pin?
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    I gave up on that half long ago.........
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