DHB-10 error status

JuliussssssJuliussssss Posts: 12
My DHB control board is proving to be super unreliable as it keeps stop working and blinking its LEDs.
So firstly- What can cause the board to stop working? (for this question im adding description of what im doing:)
- I an using raspberry pi zeros to control the motors via DHB via serial. So rpi0 sends GOSPD (or GO) commands via serial to DHB. (at 20Hz)
- I power the DHB through 12V PC powersupply with extra huge capacitors.
- The board works well for about 10-30 seconds.
- Then it stops working (motors stop) and blinks its LEDs. I have seen these three blinking patterns:
-- both left and right LEDs blinking fast
-- Right LED on, left off
-- both LEDs on (not blinking)
-Manually reseting the board helps (even if sometimes it goes into rampage and turns motor power full on after reset)

Easier questions:
- Where can I find some guide on how to interpret LED blinking into an error code or message?
-How can I ash DHB for its status or error code? (I do not see such command in firmware doc)

Thank you!!


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