Where to find wheels of the right size

I'm trying to find two wheels that will fit a motor with the following dimensions:

Shaft is a D shaft
D shaft is 8mm diameter with the cutout being 7mm wide
The cutout runs 12mm down the length of the shaft
The shaft protrudes 19mm from the base of the motor

I'd like something on the order of 100mm or 4" in diameter, but I'm not real picky (nor do I have any idea what would be the "right" size for my application). The motors are 12V, 3.5A/5A+ geared for 1:131 and I'll be using them to power a balancing robot. The chassis for the robot isn't built yet (and I'd like to have the wheels in my hands before next weekend when I build the chassis), but I'm looking at between 18-24" tall made of steel. battery pack will be 8 AAs. I'm not really sure what that will mean in terms of weight, but I would bet anything on the order of 4" in diameter with an 8mm shaft will not have any problems supporting the weight.
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