Vintage Computer Festival West August 5th & 6th

If you are close to Mountain View California, there is going to be a great chance to see some vintage (1960's,70's,80's) computers in operation in various exhibits. The Vintage Computer Festival will be going on at the Computer History Museum, which is also a great place to visit.

Here's a description of one of the items on exhibit:
MOnSter 6502 — Eric Schlaepfer, Sunnyvale, California — The MOnSter 6502 is the world’s largest 6502 microprocessor, built from individual transistors to be an exact replica of the renowned 6502 microprocessor chip. Unlike the original, the MOnSter 6502 has over 300 colorful LEDs so you can actually watch the processor operate! You will be able to type in BASIC programs, experiment with Forth, or even write machine code. If you saw us last year, you will be delighted to see the second revision which has more LEDs than before. We’ll also be demonstrating the new version of our 6502 host computer, the MIM-1.
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