Possible P2 markets

This news item is interesting, tho the P2 will miss the window, it does show what markets exist, and the importance of rapid booting.
Plenty of after-market, and related market uses here.


USA: "The FMVSS-111 law requires that all new vehicles sold in the U.S., beginning in May 2018, have rearview backup cameras and the rear camera video must display in less than two seconds after the driver places the vehicle into reverse gear."

& Exar claim "displaying live video with graphics overlay in less than 0.5 seconds after vehicle ignition."

and this shows why ever-larger-ARMs-running OS are not the solution...
" Today's head units are prone to operating system (OS) software freezes and hang-ups that display a frozen image or prevent the rear camera from displaying live video. With SoCs running increasingly complex operating systems, software freezes and hang-ups are more common."


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  • Simplify the operating system....
  • I don't see the P2 competing with the Intersil TW8844.

    Aftermarket wise, I'm sure the P2 will find a place in the automotive world, I just don't think this is one of them because of liability reasons if something goes wrong.
  • "4 lane MIPI-CSI2 output port (1Gb/lane)"

    P2 can not drive anything above 200MHz
    So it can not compete with this very specialized video decoder with TFT support IC
  • Regarding FMVSS-111 I have noticed that my Subaru Outback sometime does have long delays when switching back and forth from the camera view to the normal instrument view. By long I mean a few seconds. Not sure what triggers it. So it's nice to see it getting some attention. Subaru has had a few recalls for software updates - no OTA like Tesla. (One was for the parking brake, another for a brake light switch interfering with the automatic braking.)

    I know some people working on image warping chips for automotive and other applications. I haven't looked at all of the details, but I would think that they would be looking to integrate as much as possible over time. Could be tough to compete. These chips are also used in the Giroptic iO camera which was given away by Facebook at F8 earlier in the year.

  • http://team3061.org/mxp/

    Ken, I found an example of a FIRST team using the Propeller 1 in a FRC qualified expansion board.

    Huskie Board 2.0

    The Huskie Board, designed by Team 3061, is an FRC qualified expansion board for the NI roboRIO robotics controller.
    In addition to breaking out all available signals on the MXP expansion port, this board uses a Parallax Propeller chip
    (8 symmetrical logical cores with shared memory and peripheral access) to enable tasks such as advanced data logging,
    on-field driver control and status, and NeoPixel control. Additional GPIO and analog inputs are added with open source
    code to allow further customization.

    Bill M.
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