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9V LiPo Sale: $7.29 thru 7/9 — Parallax Forums

9V LiPo Sale: $7.29 thru 7/9

ercoerco Posts: 19,942
I'm ordering a second one of these since they're on sale, free ship from Banggood. Nice unit, has a USB micro charge jack built in, red charge LED on the bottom (red=charging, off=charged). I tested one already: 9.5V out and honest 350 mAH capacity. Claims 400mAH, so pretty close. Obviously good for any legit 9V battery application, but I plan to use this on a mini robot using a HW Board. Grab one before the price goes back up to $10!

700 x 700 - 71K


  • Sweet. Are these always on?

    I dislike the auto-off circuits very much, unless it's because of low pack voltage. These would have been nice when I had a room full of people using HomeWork boards!
  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,167
    Great deal!
  • How do these handle high current draw? Is the short circuit protection finicky?
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,942
    edited 2017-07-08 18:08
    xanadu wrote: »
    Sweet. Are these always on?

    Yes, always on, meaning there is some self-discharge, but I haven't determined how much. Package says to charge after 3 months of non-use.
    Seairth wrote: »
    How do these handle high current draw? Is the short circuit protection finicky?

    Obviously at just 350 mAH capacity they aren't good for very much for very long. Package says "built-in protection circuit will halt in case of overcharging, over-discharging, short circuit. Please recharge the battery again to recharge it."

    Here's my quickie bench test. I hooked it up to a high-power motor and it popped the internal circuit (breaker) immediately. Didn't get a current reading. It did reset when I charged it for a few seconds (PHEW!). Then I put a smaller motor on (100 mA) and it ran fine. I slowly increased the load up to 800 mA and held it there for ~5 seconds and it never stopped. Not too shabby IMO.

  • ercoerco Posts: 19,942
    Double capacity (800 mA) for less? Love tech progress!

    Just ordered four from China, $6.99 each, free ship. Will advise.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,942
    These "800 mAh" batteries only deliver 270, I tested two with identical results. And they weigh just 20g, half of the 40g claimed on Banggood's website, so somebody cheaped out. Banggood is offering a partial refund, so good service there.

    ZNTER's 400 mAh batteries test at 351. Mo bettuh'.

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