Writing to SD card problem (solved)

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I'm running the "SD Datalogger.c" that comes with Simple IDE, unmodified. The pic attached shows the expected input, and reads it back correctly.

The problem I have is using my PC/notepad to read the contents of test.txt file on the SD card -
         (   2   

I tried a couple of cards, formatting them fat32. Is there something I need to change to show dec values?
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  • the code
      SD Datalogger.side
      Application prompts you to type numbers into SimpleIDE Terminal, and
      records to SD.  Plays back all numbers after you type q and press Enter.
    #include "simpletools.h"                      // Include simpletools header    .
    int DO = 22, CLK = 23, DI = 24, CS = 25;      // SD card pins on Propeller BOE
    int main(void)                                // main function
      print("Enter several values.\n\n");         // User instructions
      print("To see logged values, press\n");
      print("Enter a second time.\n\n");
      sd_mount(DO, CLK, DI, CS);                  // Mount SD card
      FILE* fp = fopen("test.txt", "w");          // Open a file for writing
      int n, status;                              // Number & status variables
      while(1)                                    // Endless loop
        print("> ");                              // User prompt
        status = scan("%d", &n);                  // Get number & status
        if(!status) break;                        // Status 0? Break out of loop
        fwrite(&n, 4, 1, fp);                     // Write number to SD card
      fclose(fp);                                 // Close the file
      print("\nYou entered:\n");                  // List heading
      fp = fopen("test.txt", "r");                // Open a file for writing
        status = fread(&n, 4, 1, fp);             // Read from SD & get status
        if(!status) break;                        // If no more, break loop
        print("n = %d\n", n);                     // Display value
      fclose(fp);                                 // Close the file
  • Never mind, I have it working in SPIN and that is what I should be using anyway.
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