New project-help with component recs

need a little help deciding on final summer robotic project components. Kids are stoked to get started with the eeg brain control bit:) Here is the list. Please fill in gaps or point in different direction re breakout boards, kits, etc.
already purchased-
-emotiv epoc+/community sdk
-rPi3 x 2 (undecided on operating system as sdk supports several) - good for other projects too!
considering the following...
- ? Parallax ActivityBot -seems to have good hackable components
- ? Parallax crawler kit to be modified and retrofitted to 3d printed exoskeleton
- ? Propeller Hat rPi uplink to Parallax microcontroller


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  • Need input, Stephanie!

    What grades? How many kids? How many hours is your class/lab/camp? What have they done already? Arduino? Spin? BASIC?
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  • Hi @toddkitchens,

    You should definitely contact Miguel at Parallax support - He will be able to share some great ideas, or put you in touch with the right person.

    Support at Parallax are a fantastic resource to help you get all the parts you need. Nothing worse than starting a project before finding a missing module, cable or connector! :)

    E-mail Tech Support:

    Contact technical support at, please include a detailed description of your problem.

    Phone Tech Support:

    Phone: 916-624-8333
    Toll-Free: 888 99-STAMP (888-997-8267) For callers in the USA only.
    Our technical support team is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT.

    Wishing you and the kids a great robotic summer!
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