Dual NPN Trans. Pack (10K & 2N3904)

Hello All,

The Parallax Schematic for the BS2p40-ic shows the layout of the MicroController with this Part laid out a certain way. Is this the OLD way of making this part. The only parts I have found are laid out with (Biasing) resistors coming out on the Same side. I've gone all through Mousers inventory listing.

Anyone know what company has this part with the Parallax layout?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Based on the marking on my BS2-ICs, i'd say it was one of these:


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  • Hello Jordan,
    First, sorry for the slow response.
    I've been all week T/S along with other things. The Dual Pack part is internally laid out differently then the Parallax Schematic of the BS2p40 module. I had already corrected it on my OEM layout but was just baffled on not being able to find the original design.
    I built up 2 pcbs of my new design and they both were DOA. RX pin on the BS2p40 seems to be dead. I did switch out the NVRAM with a previously programmed part from previous working OEM and the Board did work. Data was being TX back to the Debug Screen also. So the Interpreter is working. Hooked up the Parallel Display and Switch Board and did some simple functional testing. Thought it was just a PCB layout problem of the Dual Pack part but then it seemed to be 2 (in a row) bad luck of some older Interpreters that I had after the 3rd one I built came up with no problem. NOW that 3rd one has DIED less then 16 hrs of running at my test area. STUMPED...

    Layout, Power Supply, ESD, Bad parts (in ESD box...NO), or just bad luck. Wow....Head scratchier.

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