DEBUGIN multiple values

Hello all,
It has been a while since I had gotten a chance to play with my stamp.
As usual I find myself searching and finding no direct answer to my question.

I am trying to find out if you can set multiple values in one go using DEBUGIN command.


DEBUG "Set Time1 and Time2"

This would only write data to the "Time1" variable. Is it possible to write a statement that could write data to both "Time1" and "Time2" variables?
Like when you set a date using the following format MM/DD/YY it would set three variables

Thank you
Dr. Vetter


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    Yes you can. DEBUGIN is just a modified version of the SERIN statement.

    You could write: DEBUGIN DEC Mon,DEC Day,DEC Year

    Note that there has to be some non-numeric delimiter following each value. This could be "/" so
    05/10/2017<cr> would be acceptable for the values 5, 10, and 2017. The delimiter itself is discarded.
  • Thank you Mike,

    Even after all these years you are still my #1 when it comes to getting me back on track. You are very knowledgeable :D

    Dr. Vetter
  • I looked it up in the Reference Manual. It's full of explanations and examples.
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