Looking for Chromebook developer - European places to post?

Hey all,

We're looking for a developer to help us build a Propeller downloader for Chromebooks. This is a contract position and it could be done by anybody in the world. So far, our domestic search is coming up empty. Perhaps what we're looking for isn't practical or we're not looking in the right place - not sure but we're just not receiving the response we expected. The challenge is that the Propeller has a timed download process whereas some of the other robots connected to Chromebooks are just serial (open drain, is that the right word?).

Do any of you have access, friends, or peers in Eastern Europe who might be familiar with this kind of work?
If so, could you post this description in the right places? We've worked with some skilled developers in the past from Poland, Hungary, Estonia, and Ukraine so we know they exist.

Parallax has immediate needs for a Chromebook developer with experience in JavaScript (if Chromebook app/extension) or Java (if created in an Android App), websocket/HTTPS protocols to create a Chrome application for programming the Propeller Microcontroller via USB. This would be similar to our BlocklyPropClient which runs on Mac/Linux/Windows (see our cloud system http://blockly.parallax.com). The challenge is that a timing-dependent (query and response within 50 ms), brief two-way interaction is required to program the Propeller. Knowledge of ChromeOS serial port communication requirements is necessary.

https://www.parallax.com/files/content/docs/Company/JobDescriptions/Chromebook Developer.Contractor.May.2017.pdf

Ken Gracey


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