Propeller FLIP temperature specs

Hi- does anybody with any inside information know what the limiting factors are that results in a -4°F lower published temperature limit, and what might happen if it was -30°f?

I ordered a couple and was contemplating using them in an automotive application, and it gets colder than that here. Much colder.

And, I was just curious :-)


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  • The Propeller itself is spec'd -55C to 125C
    Temperature Grade	Temperature Range
    Commercial	0°C to 85°C
    Industrial	-40°C to 100°C
    Extended	-40°C to 125°C (1)
    Military	-55°C to 125°C

    I don't think the whole module would be spec'd at Industrial or Extended unless Parallax spends the time and money to test. Every component on the board would have to have Industrial specifications.

    Remember this is an inexpensive module.
    Infernal Machine
  • The bom is on the last page of the schematic, so you could check the temp specs for all individual parts from that.

    I know this isn't official, but might help you make your own informed decision.

    Please let us know how cold you end up using your FLiP!
  • Thanks Michael. Last time i checked the docs were not published yet.
    Infernal Machine
  • Yep, they arrived Friday to the product page, documents and downloads.
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