Adding an extra LED to my computer case

I recently purchased a sexy new computer case for my new gaming PC
In the excitement of buying the case,
I failed to notice that there was no LED for HDD Activity...

There is a light indicator for POWER but I would like BOTH,
rather than using the blue ring round the power button...

After having spent around £120 GBP / $160 USD on a fancy case I don't just simply want to drill it and add a new LED.
Does the community here have any super ideas on how I can address this issue?

This could be a dumb question... (I have been known for them in the past)
But... Will I need an inline resistor?
Or can I simply add an LED with fly leads to the existing board HDD Light jumper?

Thank You for reading...

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  • ercoerco Posts: 19,697
    You could punch a hole in the case with a bent rusty nail & hammer, but I bet using a drill will yield a cleaner hole. :)

    Do you have any unused bays with removable dummy covers over them? Typically that's where you can mount extra LEDs, temp gauges, etc. You can buy custom covers or modify yours.

    Yes, any LED will need a current-limiting resistor.

    Send more photos of where you'd like the LED to be and the electrical connections you're working with. Are there pins on the MoBo for an HDD LED?
  • What if you inverted the HDD activity LED? This would leave the power LED "on" almost all the time but only flash when there is activity light.

    I know that's not quite what you're asking for, but just an idea to throw out there.
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    Hi JaanDoh

    As a first step, please check if your motherboard does feeds the led's positive (Anode) pin (PWRLED+ and HDDLED+) with +5V thru limiting resistors (maybe 300R).

    If the above holds true, then you can use the following simple circuit to get "almost" all you want provided you agree to use a single bi-color (Red/Green) common anode led (Kingbright WP59EGW/CA), mounted where actualy there is the PWRLED.

    At the circuit, the N-channel 2N7000 is being used to effectively switch-off the PWRLED during the time the HDDLED is on (thus both will blink in a complimentary fashion during HDD activity) allowing both to share the same feed resistor, without dimming each one's brightness due to current share and/or differences in forward voltages.

    The circuit must be tested because it is meant to operate being fed by a 5V supply (of course, thru limiting resistors) but, if your motherboard uses 3.3V to power the leds (thru some resistor whose value should be lower than 300R), then perhaps the green led will not light up, due to insuficient forward voltage.

    Hope it helps a bit

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  • Thank You all for the ideas.

    I think the motherboard provides 3.3V as the other (power LED) has a wire that goes straight from the motherboard header to the LED on the top of the case without any resistors inline
    I like the idea of the two colour LED.

    I would like to avoid drilling the case if at all possible.
    It would spoil the look of the case.

    I have included photos as requested.

    Currently the POWER LED lights up a BLUE ring round the power button.
    I have also ordered a glue gun in case i'm able to glue another led to the blue ring under the case.

    Thank You all for your help too
    Its VERY MUCH appreciated.

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    There used to be a Win program that let you use the scroll lock indicator as the HDD led. You can do it in Linux as well.

    I've connected a few things to various ports on the motherboard. The best thing to do is use an opto-isolator and connect it to a microcontroller. From there run a strip of high density addressable LEDs around the desk. Now you have HDD LEDs!
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