Activity Board Programming in Visual Studios 2017

I'm new here. I just purchased an Activity Bot two days ago and I've been searching ever since how to compile code with Visual Studios instead of Simple IDE. The reason I am so adamant on not using simple IDE is the fact that I'm still pretty fresh in learning C++ in Visual Studios and I don't want to switch platforms from where I'm comfortable learning from. I am aware that I need to use PropGCC in conjunction to Visual Studios however
1) I get sent to a webpage with a list of items and I don't know if I'm supposed to download it all
2) I can't grasp what it is I need to do to load up the programming via Visual Studios and have it built and transmitted to the Activity Bot.
I get the actual writing code aspect but I'm lost on the setup to begin code and I really want to get this bot running with the IDE I'm currently learning and enjoying the workspace.


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    I think you are dreaming.
    The Activity Bot is meant to be programmed and loaded via Parallax tools. I don't know of any way to have Visual Studio (any version) to upload to the Bot.

    You need to used the tools provided. Once you are comfortable with those, you can branch out and try other methods.

    (You wouldn't try to program an Arduino with PropTools!)
  • I don't know of any integration of prop-gcc and Visual Studio.

    At the end of the day you are programming in C/C++ no matter what IDE you you use or perhaps whatever other simple editor you use. The IDE is just fluff.

    I strongly suggest you try to get SimpleIDE downloaded and running. It's very simple to use.

    If you have any problems along the way I'm sure folks here would love to advise if you get stuck.

  • Also, we're about to release a full Blockly set of tutorials for the ActivityBot so you'll be able to use our cloud compiler.

    What the others said above is certainly true.

    Ken Gracey
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