Are there functions/commands in PBasic available, that are similar in response to the old QBasic? In QBasic, I wrote many programs; one of my favorites was a collection of multiple choice questions/answers devoted to Word Power in English. I don't know how to get started




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  • There are some similarities between Qbasic and PBasic, however the BS2 and PBasic are oriented to more hardware control and I/O than Qbasic.

    A multiple choice question/answer game should be possible in PBasic.
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  • Be aware that expressions in PBASIC are evaluated strictly left-to-right. There are no precedence rules as in QBasic. Also, PBASIC lacks the string primitives that QBasic enjoys, so text processing will be a bit more awkward.

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  • Thanks, Phil,
    your answers were clear. I appreciate your help.

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