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C: Processing Windows Bitmaps Or DIBs With The Propeller? - Page 4 — Parallax Forums

C: Processing Windows Bitmaps Or DIBs With The Propeller?



  • Dr_Acula

    Good to see ya. I hope you are doing well.

  • I've found streaming data in via serial, or just putting data onto an SD card for processing with a Prop works well. For a lot of things, we don't need much RAM, given we read, process, write back to the SD in sensible chunks.

  • potatohead

    Thanks for chiming in.

    An SD card definitely sounds like the way to go, however I have decided to turn this software into a full blown user interface, which provides serial communication with a Propeller, and also better capabilities for editing and manipulating bitmaps. That way it can be used with or without the aid of a PC.

    At the moment, I am concentrating my efforts on various aspects of the machine design, but I will be coming back to this subject as time permits, or if I need a break from the other stuff.
  • Yeah, no worries. Just wanted to say don't be afraid of big stuff when you have an SD card.

    SPIN is kind of nice. Once you've got the basics needed to move the data, the actual processing of it is simple and clean most times.

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