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The P8X Portable Game System

maccamacca Posts: 506
edited 2017-11-16 16:37 in Customer Projects

I would like to show you the P8X Portable Game System, the handheld/portable version of my other "home" console, based on the same concepts with two Propeller chips for graphics and game code.
It is equipped with a 3.2 inch 320x240 TFT LCD screen with integrated touch screen and SD card slot. Games are stored on the SD card and loaded with a simple gameloader stored on the boot eeproms.
The nice thing is that it is nearly fully compatible with the home console games, porting can be as easy as changing the video driver.

Attached are some images of the prototype.

Source code, schematics and PCB layout will be put on the the P8X Game System web site in the next days:

Have fun!
450 x 480 - 57K
450 x 480 - 58K
640 x 480 - 78K
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