SF/Santa Clara: here we come!

So, me and my colleague 'have to' travel to SF and Santa Clara early April for business related matters.
We might have a few evening or morning hours of free time in Santa Clara during April 3-6, any suggestions for how to spend them? Does e.g. Google or any of the other giants offer guided tours?
Our hotel is close to Freedom Circle, so Intel Museum would be one close option.
SF I've been in a couple of times so know my way around pretty well there.
- Thomas Vikstrom (banjo)
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  • banjo,

    Might try this place:


    Safe travels,

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  • Thx Dave, that looks interesting!
    - Thomas Vikstrom (banjo)
    Location: A hop from the longest bridge in...Finland
  • Some more ideas:

    If you have friends or business associates at Google then perhaps you can score a free lunch at the Google cafe which is next to the museum ;-)

    BTW - the Intel museum only covers Intel. You won't see any non-Intel tech there. Also near there is the Great America Theme Park (check to see if it's open) and Levi Stadium.

    https://www.thetech.org in downtown San Jose, but I think that the Computer History Museum in Mountain View may be of more interest. There are other points of interest within walking distance of the tech.

    I don't know if the NASA's Ames Visitor Center is worth seeing. I've been to other parts of the base as a field trip chaperone and for special events. There's a lot of construction in that area. Beware.

    SF - look into the Exploratorium and/or California Academy of Sciences and see if they are of interest. Take a look at the opportunities in Golden Gate park.

    Wacky/Historical San Jose - the Winchester Mystery House is pricey for what it is, and I would avoid. The Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose is a bit pricey but may have coupons. Can't recommend, but some people enjoy going. Part of it is the surprise factor. If you want to see what the 4th graders do here then you can visit a mission. Santa Clara University is a nice clean campus and has one conveniently located on their campus along with a museum. Also San Jose is probably one of the better areas to get Vietnamese cuisine. I won't recommend any place in particular.

    A bit non-techie, but if you like the blues there's a good blues jam at Little Lou's BBQ in Campbell on Thursday nights. If Aki Kumar (singer, harmonica player) is hosting on the 6th it could be worth going to see if you're into this sort of thing. Also they serve Pho which is a bit unusual for a BBQ place. (If you're a BBQ aficionado then you may be disappointed in the BBQ selection)


    Or on Tues nights he's in downtown San Jose at the Poor House Bistro. If you find other things to do in downtown San Jose then you can do a combo.

  • Keith, thx a lot for the suggestions!
    Don't know anyone at Google, but will check out the rest, especially the Computer History Museum and also Golden Gate park in SF.
    - Thomas Vikstrom (banjo)
    Location: A hop from the longest bridge in...Finland
  • @banjo, If you go to the Computer History Museum, be sure to get a selfie with the computer that never sold a unit:
    532 x 889 - 187K
  • @MikeDYur, LOL, before opening the picture I thought you meant the Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage :smile:
    - Thomas Vikstrom (banjo)
    Location: A hop from the longest bridge in...Finland
  • Just so you know, the difference engine is not at the CHM any more. I saw it a couple of years ago and learned where the expression "turning the crank" originated.
    Re-inventing the wheel is not a waste of time if, when you are done, you understand why it is round.
    Cool, CA, USA 95614
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