BS2p with v1.3 firmware

Hello friends,
I resumed an old BS2p that I purchased more than 10 years ago. I ask you if with the BS Setup Stamp Editor v2.5.3 it is still usable, and if I have to use any specific setting.
Once connected to my PC with the Super Carrier Board, the BS2p was detected, with firmware version 1.3.
Thank you in advance.


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  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    Sounds like everything is working as it should. :thumb:
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  • Thank you Chris,
    A lot of time elapsed from when I played with the BS and I forgot some practice...
  • I tried the LCDINIT, LCDCMD LCDOUT sample programs with some parallel LCD display driven by HD44780, but it doesn't work. I connected the display to the Carrier Board by following the schematic diagram that I found in the command library: E connected to P0, D0-D3 grounded, ...
    I checked the wiring more times and the voltages at the LCD connector, the BS2p seems to work. The display is simply blank, like it was unconnected. Same trial and result with another display.
    Any idea why and where to find the trouble?
    Thank you in advance.
  • When an LCD has power but not yet initialized you should see all the character positions as solid blocks. If you are not seeing this then your contrast setting is incorrect. With standard temperature LCD's the contrast voltage should be near or at ground potential. If you have extended temperature LCD's then the contrast requires a negative voltage. Only the datasheet for your particular LCD will indicate whether you have a normal or extended device. On all the normal LCD's I have ever used simply grounding the contrast pin works just fine. Also, don't rely on the schematic picture as to which pin on the LCD is ACTUALLY PIN 1, assume nothing, verify everything.
    It would be helpful for us if you could post a picture of your hookup CLEARLY showing all the connections.
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