2x BeMicroCV-A9 as new in box for sale

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I have a couple of CV-A9s left over that I don't really need and I see that some might really like to get a hold of one to play with the P2. If you want them they're yours for the cost price of $149USD and another $20USD 6-day satchel from Australia if you are in the US. The CVA9 weighs 250g and these satchels are good for up to 500g, the shipping options here are rather limited.

I don't normally get rid of stuff I don't need but these are rather hard to get hold of at present and I thought some might really appreciate getting hold of a CVA9.
I will include the special little edge connectors if you like plus I can preload them with the latest P2 image if you like.

There's also a spare BeScope which is the BemicroCV with scope board still unopened in the box. Offers?
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