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OBEX full of spam



  • ElectrodudeElectrodude Posts: 1,440
    edited 2018-12-14 00:59
    Parallax should write an OBEX frontend to a git service. They could either host their own git service - there are many easy-to-use self-hosted git services - or use Github. The OBEX frontend would allow people to easily search for and download the latest versions of stuff and would allow people who don't want to use git to post and update their stuff in a way similar to the current OBEX.

    EDIT: The advantage of hosting your own service is that it makes it easy for the OBEX frontend to modify the repository, and it allows people who don't want to bother with Git to just create a project without bothering with Git, leaving the option open for them to start using a normal Git interface later.
  • Thanks for the heads-up. It has been reported to webmaster.
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