S3 Scribbler Open Source CAD files... Import into Fusion 360

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I have had a Scribbler project idea sitting idle since 2013 due to poor CAD files for the S2 chassis. With the S3 update, newer, cleaner CAD files are finally available and guess what? They import directly in to Fusion 360.

On the S3 product page, download the Scribbler S3 Open-Source files.
Within Fusion 360, select Upload and select all of the unzipped files.
In the next box, Fusion 360 will ask for the "Top Assembly" file. Select "S3.asm.1"
Upload the files and when it is complete, you will have most of an S3 within Fusion 360:

All parts import as plain gray steel, so you need to modify the material available in your project and appropriately assign each material/color to components. I am still learning Fusion360, so I haven't modified my files completely yet.
Not all parts of the S3 are included in the CAD File Zip download from Parallax, so several key things are missing: motors, one encoder shaft, etc.

Parallax: Could you review the CAD files and see about getting a complete CAD package?
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    I'm curious that Parallax has opted to provide so-called "open source" files in prt1 format, which is proprietary to ProE. Although I get it that Chinese manufacturers are largely committed to ProE, IGES format would've been a better choice for portability. I don't have Fusion 360, but I do have Rhino. It imports a host of file formats, including IGES, but not prt1.

    I do have an actual reason for wanting to import those files, but I guess I'll have to make do with calipers.

  • Phil, if you are interested in Fusion 360, it can be licensed a year at a time for free as a start-up making less than $100k per yer. Here's a link to the instructions.

    Worked on it some more last night and have set the shell material and color to ABS bright green, so it looks much more like an S3.
  • FYI, I just shot off an email to Parallax asking to check in to the CAD file package.
  • Still no response from Parallax, but I am making some progress on what I have at least. It actually looks like an S3 now....
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    I mentioned this to Miguel since he has your message. I have requested that he reply to you today. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if you still do not get a response.
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