Create ZigBee network using Arduino, Arduino Xbee Shield and Xbee

Hi all, i am beginner with this protocol and i try to learn it.
My ideas is to create a Mesh netowork using ZigBee protocol, where my end device detect temperature , send this to router and their send the data to my Coordinator.

My setting is this:

3 End-Device: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield
2 Router: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield
1 Coordinator: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield

Xbee Shield : Xbee Shield
Xbee USB board: USB
Xbee xb24-z7: Serie2

So first step I try to create my coordinator, i put my XbeeShield on the Arduino and put Xbee in the XbeeShield.
I open XCTU program, but it dont recognize my Xbee, It see the Arduino in COM port, but it dont connect with Xbee.
So I try to flash Coordinator firmware using USB board and i perform this,so i change my Xbee but if i try to create an Router, when XCTU find the COM port, it delete the previous device because there are in the same COM port.

My question are 3:
1- There is a way to flash Xbee firmware with XCTU using Arduino+XbeeShield+Xbee ? maybe usign some sketch?
2- when I flash Coordinator firmware, my Zigbee network is created?
3- How can i set the value in XCTU software?

Thanks all for support


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