Parallax.ttf font (for Linux): Where do I get it?

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BST's editor, as-is from download, renders code text with big gaps between letters. I have worked around the problem by setting the editor font in "IDE Preferences" to a mono font. I would like to be able to use the Parallax font, though.

Where can I get a Propeller.ttf font that will work in Linux?

Some word I'm getting from reading around on the Web is that just trying to tell Linux to add the font from the Windows install won't work. I've taken that to be true for the time being. Here's what else I've found:

The BST doc says to get a Propeller font from . That link leads to a "Subscription Expired" notice from Wikispaces.

I've seen a reference to , but that gets me a page that says "not readable". doesn't turn up anything for Propeller.ttf .

Could someone perhaps attach a copy in this thread?




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