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P2 Motherboard for BeMicroCV-A9 proposal - features request + PCB LAYOUT - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

P2 Motherboard for BeMicroCV-A9 proposal - features request + PCB LAYOUT



  • potatoheadpotatohead Posts: 10,259
    edited 2016-02-26 23:53
    IMHO, one DAC and a simple one for sync would allow for monochrome VGA displays 1, 2, 4, 8 bits per pixel, and TV with good FPGA pin economy. Also, that can drive an HDTV monochrome too. Just include sync and signal on the "Y" input on a device accepting component signals.
  • AribaAriba Posts: 2,685
    I would assign the IOs like that:

    The 0.1" header with 33 IOs: = Port A (32)

    The Slide connector with 57 IOs:
    - Port B (32)
    - 4 DACs: 8 + 8 + 5 + 1 bits (22)
    - ResN input from the FT232 DTR (1)
    - maybe a USB pullup switch (1) = (56) total

    PB31,30 connects to the FT232 RX,TX
    PB29..26 connects to Flash chip and to an SDcard (exept CS)
    PB25 = SDcard CS

    PB24,23 = USB D+,D- wired to both USB connectors (use only one of them at the same time). This allows also to sniff a USB traffic between a PC and a USB device to analyze the protocol.

  • I am finally getting around to this phase of my project and will hopefully have this new P2 control board back next week. Here's a skeleton layout for the PCB that's also designed to fit into a ots plastic box with clear lid. The 171x121x55 box is a HB6248 which I can pickup locally from Jaycar but obviously it can be sourced direct at a much better price. Make what you will of this scant information as I finish off the design.
  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,743
    I like the idea having 2SD's, now we can swap them like floppys the old times. But before I can jump in here, I have to solve my problems with W5500 supply ;-)
  • Looks good peter.

    Are you putting everything through the 80 pin MEC6 connector, or are the SD cards via the 40 pin headers (sub pcb connected to headers)?
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