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Propbasic Libraries

I have written a host of PropBasic Libraries and Sample Programs which I posted on the old forum site a few years back. I am in the process of reviewing the sample programs and will post them soon on this thread/discussion.


  • Much appreciated, andre.

    Much of my PropBASIC code is not worth sharing, but I hope to clean it up and break it into libraries this year. Then, perhaps, I can make a modest contribution to this endeavor.
  • All Libraries, sample programs, Templates, etc. in one zip file, everything in it's own Folder.

    The Utilities Library is probably the one most people would be interested in - there is a lot of stuff we used to have with PBasic.

    Some of the Folders contain a Word document - please read the doc. Especially in the "Utilities" Folder regarding the use of the Utilities Library by other Libraries as well as in the "Loading Code and Libraries" folder regarding the loading of libraries in Tasks.

    Also, every sample program that uses TX or RX, uses my TX_RX Library (which is a slightly modified version of Jonny Mac's original Library). They will not work with Jonny Mac's original TX_RX library.

    Have fun!


  • That's awesome Andre! Thanks for putting that together.

  • Thanks, Andre! Obviously a lot of work went into those libraries. I appreciate you sharing them.

  • Hi
    Just come across this- don't know how I missed before.
    Many thanks for your work
  • Ditto what tritonium said....

    Many thanks for your work

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