Amazon Alexa Voice Service for the Propeller

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Check this out Alexa Voice Services (AVS)
Looks like all we need is WiFi, mic, and a speaker and we can integrate the propeller with Alexa!

1) Your device captures audio input from a user (for example, "what's the weather").
2) Your device combines the captured audio with the necessary HTTP headers and other information and sends a speech request to the Alexa Access API. The audio should be encoded as PCM16 (16-bit linear PCM) format.
3) The Alexa Voice Service API receives your request, interprets the audio provided in your API call, and handles it the same way it would a request from an Amazon Echo. For example, if your device sent the audio "what's the weather", the service looks up a local weather report.
4) The Alexa Voice Service API sends back a response containing the audio in an MP3 file (for example, the current weather report).
Your device plays back the audio response.


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  • Alexa ,

    Is real cool! :) It will be fun to play with.

  • right

    New Features for Developers
    This week, we added new built-in intents for Yes, No, Repeat and StartOver so that you can use these common actions without providing sample utterances. We also introduced Voice Simulator, a new testing tool that enables you to test your skill without an Alexa-enabled device. You simply enter a phrase in either plain text or SSML to hear Alexa speak the te
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    Yea this is very cool to me. I wish someone would work out the Web connection bit for the propeller. I think the rest would just fall into place. Surprised more people haven't commented on it.
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    This is cool. Would you happen to know if it would work with just the basic stamp? I'm working on a project and just want to give simple voice commands
  • @wcnichol, I think in both the case of the propeller and the basic stamp it is going to need to communicate back to Amazon over TCP/IP. So that adds a bit of complexity. I think the best bet would be to use a raspberry pi. I have given some thought about making an "Alexa based" zigbee hub and then talk ZigBee HA to the propeller but it hasn't gone anywhere. You can pretty much to that today with my ZigBee library for the propeller and SmartThings / Alexa.
  • I asked Google Assistant (in Android 6) if it was connected to the CIA. The response? "I don't know."

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