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Getting up and running with the Propeller 1-2-3 A7 FPGA Board (#60054) — Parallax Forums

Getting up and running with the Propeller 1-2-3 A7 FPGA Board (#60054)

TubularTubular Posts: 4,414
edited 2015-07-24 22:16 in Propeller 2
This thread is for getting up and running with the 1-2-3 A7 board from Parallax 
- powering the 123 A7 board- observing the led toggling test program - jumper settings- pnut


  • TubularTubular Posts: 4,414
    edited 2015-07-24 22:14
    (continued from 123 A7 availability announcement...) 
    From what I understand PX.exe loads the compiled raw binary file (top.rbf) into the flash, that the altera fpga boots from.   So if there is already a P2 image in that rbf file, this only becomes a problem when we get a new fpga P2 image

    I note there were some more details in the later readme file (vs the zip I posted) that mention using PX /P /<port number>
    Admittedly the led testing thing may mean what starts isn't a blank P2 canvas, or it could just need a reset to get back to something like the p2 monitor.  We need to work that out
    The other thing is I fired up my 123 A7 with a lab power supply,and running that test program it was only consuming 12v at < 250mA, so don't worry too much about the hefty power supply 
  • Power is not my current (no pun intended) concern.

    The .exe on px.exe is my current concern. Linux does not want to run it! :0)

    The blinky demo that comes loaded in the FPGA runs fine. I wanted to test the tool chain and run the board with a P1v before P2 image day rolls around. :0(
  • Rick,
    My point is I think PX is analogous to loading a POF or JIC using the altera programmer.  Once that "firmware" is in, you use Pnut for playing.   
    If some P2 firmware is already onboard, perhaps you don't need PX until we get a new P2 image from Chip.  
    Also, friendly windows forumistas may be able to help you get this up and running.  
    Have you been able to run Pnut successfully with the DE0 (under wine?) 
  • You are correct, px is just the image loader for the FPGA, we just need it to load the p2 images as we get them from Chip. Once we have a p2 loaded, it's pnut time!! Using px will be easier than Quartus, especially for those that just loaded Quartus last time to get a loader - good thinking on Chip's part for that!

    Px will also be useful if you have multiple FPGA images you are playing with at the same time.

    I'm pretty sure the image on the FPGA is the top program from the .zip file. It's just a pin exerciser.

    Pnut ran fine under wine. It's just one more layer of hassle at the end of a week full of work hoo for me!

    If wine is cranky, there's always a Windows VM on the laptop or a Windows desktop. I just wanted to have a thread where somebody was complaining about something other than the forum software! :0)

    It's all good! It took power and lights blinked!!

  • Short tutorial on setting up Wine to use with development tools.

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