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  • switchbox fuse is a new idea, as with magnetic contacts this is too suspicious ...

    the circuit in the box is so well done that it deceives an electrician and even a electronicien ...
  • Hello- I am Voltar. I was interested to read your comments about my Switchbox. This is a magicians prop, and there are many versions available, but our version has a few extra features, for example the batteries can be removed and it is clear. As is is a magic prop, and I am a Magician, (and an electronic engineer) I cannot reveal the workings, but I can state the following. The batteries removed do actually operate the trick. The spectator can choose any lamp in any socket. Also the spectator can choose any colour switch cap on any switch. The magician is in control, but there are no remote controls, no inductance, and no holes drilled through the antique table, as has been suggested before, elsewhere. The lampholders are normal, and the switches are normal, and the LEDs are just mounted to a base directly, but there is nothing in the base of the LED. You might note there is no on/off switch either, as it doent need one, unlike other versions.
    This was designed five years ago, and at last exists beyond the prototype shown, and will soon be offered for sale (to magicians) via my magic shop at, where I will also offer other Magic that I have designed. I try to post all of my magic on electronic forums, as if you guys are struggling for a solution, then to the spectator, the effect will be great. A couple of years ago, I bought the rights to this, . Designed by a genius in electronics, and a good friend, so you can imagine, what is coming next. ....................Voltar
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    Yeah, I can do magic tricks with 3M Z-axis transfer tape too. I could imagine a small high-frequency coil in the battery "clip" inducing just enough power into a printed inductor on flexible film using those transparent conductors that are used on LCDs. They have some resistance but that's good as the LEDs need it. Or the power could be coupled capacitively which might be more probably, the AC doesn't matter as the LEDs will only conduct in one direction anyway. My guess is those LEDs could be reversed and it would still work.

    Do I win a prize? Or have I ruined your "magic"? :)

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  • This Brit Tim has a great Youtube channel on vintage puzzles & toys. Check out the "puzzle calculator" at 3:00, which has movable buttons yet they always work properly, much like this Magic Switchbox. His channel is always worth browsing.

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