LameStation Developer Kits Now Available For Pre-Order!

Brett WeirBrett Weir Posts: 287
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It sure has been a long road, but for the first time, you can now pre-order your LameStation kit! Check it out here!

We're planning a prototype run of about 200 units, so secure your spot on the list while you can! Get yours now! And help us spread the word! Go, go, go!
LameStation, the game console parents want their kids to play!
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PropellerManager, an event-driven C++ API for managing Propeller devices
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  • Oldbitcollector (Jeff)Oldbitcollector (Jeff) Posts: 8,090
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    Congratulations on your Pre-Release launch! I know it will be a success!

    Both my project (Micromite Companion) and yours have a Propeller gaming element. Perhaps we could trade ideas for compatible developement so that both projects will benefit.
    For instance, we've established a simple sprite/tile format that might be useful to you, and I noticed that you had established an interesting audio format.

    Want to share ideas with us see if we can generate some tool and resource sets that are useful to both projects?

    Email me!

  • william chanwilliam chan Posts: 1,315
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    Hi Brett,

    I got a LameStation kit from Parallax recently.

    I just want to let you know that

    a. The 10k potentiometer for volume control seems to be missing
    b. One nut for the battery holder also seems to be missing
    c. The ground solder points conduct the soldering iron's heat away very quickly so those points require a high wattage iron to solder.

    Don't worry, I will source the mising parts locally.

    Overall, the product is fantastic.
    There is no such thing as bad news.
  • william chanwilliam chan Posts: 1,315
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    The missing nut was found in the folds of the carton box.
    There is no such thing as bad news.
  • Keith YoungKeith Young Posts: 569
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    FYI OP link is 404
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  • PublisonPublison Posts: 10,962
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    FYI OP link is 404

    Link fixed. Thanks Keith!.
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  • william chanwilliam chan Posts: 1,315
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    Err.... Where to buy the 10k potentiometer?
    There is no such thing as bad news.
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